"The International Military Student Office would like to express our sincere gratitude for Kingsmen Coach Lines for their impeccable service and professionalism that they have shown to our entire staff and our International Military Officers and their families for the past 7 years. To say the usual kudos "thank you, good work, as always, thanks for getting us to our destinations safe or we appreciate you for your service" is an understatement for Kingsmen Coach Lines. Kingsmen Coach Lines have excellent drivers, they are always on time and courteous to our military officers. Kingsmen Drivers' has the ability to relate and converse with any of our military officers on numerous topics and has a firm grip on learning new things. That knowledge is then shared with the staff and future officers from the region. Keeping in mind that the officers that comes to Fort Benning for training is among the elite from their country. Many of our officers have returned to Fort Benning for additional training and they remember the excellent service that Kingsmen rendered to them. Also, many of the officers have returned to their countries and have held prominent positions such as Generals, Minister of Defense, Presidential Guards, Officer in Charge, Brigade Commanders of Special Forces. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide them the best Transportation Motor Coach and for us that's Kingsmen Coach Lines

Rosemary Spencer Fields Studies Manager

"As the Director of Operations at Son Tours, Inc. I have been using Kingsmen Coach Lines for 10 years. I view this company as the best in the business for the following reasons;

1. Their coaches are beautiful, comfortable and always clean upon arrival for our customers.
2. The coaches are precision maintained and always is great running condition.
3. The company is a pleasure to work with from the friendly and professional staff who take care of the booking process right down to the professional and knowledgeable drivers that make the trip happen.

Would I recommend Kingsmen Coach Lines for your movement? I would 100%!!!

Chuck Keller
Director of Operations
Son Tours, Inc.


Son Tours, Inc Director of Operations

"Kingsmen Coach Lines
I have been contracting buses for my school groups through Kingsmen Coach Lines since 1999. Drivers are always proficient, and know the destination we are traveling. Many of my school groups will request Kingsmen, and have favorite drivers for their trips. Kingsmen does a great job of maintaining newer buses and keeping the equipment clean and pristine. In addition, the drivers will perform routine pickup each night, and maintain a regular service schedule while on the road-but will schedule fueling and so forth around the group’s daily itinerary to ensure the equipment is available for use when needed. Everyone is pleasant, and understands CUSTOMER SERVICE -which is the #1 detail of separation from other companies providing transportation. And when problems and unexpected situations do arise, Kingsmen Coach Lines staff and drivers are very quick to remedy the situation—and I find this quality to be the most important—while other bus companies will take the easy way out—leaving groups on the side of the road, or waiting 5+ hours for a mechanic/another vehicle or whatever is needed—Kingsmen Coach Lines always go above and beyond keeping time and safetly at the forefront of their decision, which keeps our clients happy to know the solution chosen is also keeping their itinerary in the planning process with minimal interruption as can be expected. And the drivers are very good at communicating with the group leaders and SGT staff as well when these situations arise. I don’t have to track down the driver for an update—the driver will call me every 30 minutes with updates as needed. This is one less worry for our team when dealing with so many variables.
I think how a company handles unexpected situations and is just as important as the perfectly planned and executed trips. Thank you Kingsmen Coach Lines for your service to our clients!"

Student Group Travel Melissa Loman, President/ Owner